Greetings, fellow flaneur.

Welcome to the fledgling future.

My name is David.

When I’m not editing or proofreading for others, I take my turn at writing fiction, poetry, and essays, often with contemporary context but always a thoughtful bent and the twists and turns of phrase. My work trends toward the psychological, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, though interests like Web3, athletics, and paleohistory take us where they may.

My overarching aim is to dissect and explore our relationships with all the contents of the present: the spirit, the body, tech, creation, place, and more. We march forward into potential, stumbling from lesson to lesson, but the adventure unfolds as we go, not as we stay. I talk about things to examine our journey and its necessary depth with all intended love.

If that strikes your fancy, too…

Welcome to The Metta Verse.

If you don’t know where to start,

Here are a few selections from my published work.


Dropping Heat is a short story about what happens when you strain on Twitter.

Deep Workcovers the paleohistory of a marine reptile who lived a fulfilling life.

Thrills and Chills is a Pokémon story in which Gym Leader Misty goes out to Four Island for advice on what to do next.


‘The Stars are a Farce!’ is a collection of five poems musing about heaven.

The Digital World is three poems about dystopia wrought by dorks.

Homes Away From Home is proesia (prose poetry) about running shoes.


Start with the Truth is what happens when you write an essay before you think about writing one.

Selfless Momentum examines the dichotomy between gluttony and creativity through my experiences as a college athlete and Biblical allegory.

All of my work on Substack can be found here.

Lastly, I invite you to join the crew.

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David Torkington
Writer, editor, Web3 flaneur, and ex-D1 athlete. 🗝️ 🎩